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Stanford Associates Board of Governors (2022-2023)

The Board of Governors is a diverse group of Stanford Associates that acts on behalf of the organization, selecting alumni volunteer award recipients and funding grants to campus groups working to increase alumni engagement. Each governor is recommended by a Nominating Committee of fellow Stanford Associates and elected to a four-year term by sitting Board members.

Board Governors


Stefanie Huie, ’94


Jenny Allen, JD ’07
Sanjay Arora, ’85
Sonya Cotero Arriola, ’96
DeLise Cousins Bernard, ’98, MA ’99
Callista Chen, ’97, MBA ’03
Markita Cooper, ’79
Preston DuFauchard, ’78
Vinita Kailasanath, ’04, MS ’04, JD ’10
Beth Kleid, ’86
Jim Larimore, MA ’95
David Marrero, ’07
Matt Nosanchuk, ’87, JD ’90
Terrence Satterfield, ’96
Keith Sparks, ’84
Jeffrey Stoler, ’76, JD ’80
Delia Casillas Tamayo, ’74
Marc Thompson, ’97
Xiao Wang, ’07, MA ’07