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Volunteer Leadership

Stanford is fortunate to have the loyal support of nearly 1,000 alumni who serve on the University’s boards, councils and committees. While each leadership role has a unique set of criteria, all require an excellent record of service and ongoing commitment to Stanford. If you’re wondering where to get started, we have a few tips:

Get involved.

Volunteer leaders have a broad understanding of Stanford’s needs and volunteer their time to a range of University departments, schools and organizations. Though each individual adds value differently, all "own the whole" and are truly engaged with the University at the deepest level.

Be consistent.

Demonstrating a consistent commitment to the University starts with raising your hand and continues with taking even the smallest volunteer role seriously—time after time.

Stay visible.

Many leadership roles are filled based on personal recommendations. Developing strong relationships with fellow volunteers and University staff will help ensure your efforts are noticed.

Offer expertise.

Leadership roles require team players and strategic thinkers. Bring your expertise to the table. Leverage your unique skill set as well as your connections as you put your professional skills to work on behalf of the University.

Give what you can.

Including Stanford in your philanthropic giving shows you are committed to the University’s future and count your alma mater’s priorities among your own. A consistent record of meaningful giving is valueddonations at any level are noted and appreciated.

Launch Your Volunteer Leadership Journey

Email us to learn more about volunteer leadership at Stanford.