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Young AlumniNew Beginnings After the Farm

Enter this bright new chapter of your life with opportunities and resources that will guide you through new-alum life.

Young Alumni

Stanford Where You Live

Alumni events happen every month, and we want you there! All alums receive a monthly email with content and virtual event listings, while alums in major regions also receive an email with localized opportunities; make sure your preferred address is on file. Check or update your address here.

Young Alumni Groups

Keep Stanford in your back pocket if you end up in a major U.S. metro. Meetups and outings are planned by fellow young alumni and newbies can join anytime you land. Find your crew, whether it's a professional group or young alumni group, and be adopted by your new Stanford families away from The Farm. No one should have to jump to “All Right Now” alone.

Alumni Career Connections

The right resources make all the difference. The Stanford Alumni Association is here to help you build connections so you can bring your career goals to life.

Stay Curious

Keep your intellectual curiosity thriving with a wide range of webcasts, podcasts and videos featuring renowned Stanford experts. Check out our Learn page to see our latest online offerings.

Welcome to the Family

Hey, Class of 2023! Want to get the most out of everything SAA has to offer our alumni community? (Hint: You do) We’ve got resources, opportunities, special events...all the great things that make Stanford, Stanford.