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Stanford 10What is Stanford 10?

Stanford 10 was a project designed by alumni co-creators and SAA to better understand the alumni experience of recent undergrads who were on campus starting in the 2010s and how you want to relate to Stanford.

Stanford 10

How Did Stanford 10 Work?

The Stanford 10 community survey wasn’t the typical one-and-done survey that gets sent off into the great mysterious nothingness, never to be mentioned again. While the survey was one step in the Stanford 10 project, it was part of a robust plan of action that included...

  • Selection of 11 alumni project co-creators ✓

  • In-depth alumni interviews ✓

  • Community survey ✓

  • Open call for ideas ✓

  • Pilot projects and updates to existing alumni programs ✓

  • Long-term efforts (we’re here!)

Stanford10 Project Timeline

What’s Done

Selection of Alumni Co-Creators

The first step was for SAA to team up with 11 alumni volunteers. These alumni co-creators gave SAA feedback and vetted every phase of the project plan.

Alumni Interviews

Those alumni co-creators we just mentioned? They conducted in-depth interviews with over 35 young alums—a process that reframed and strengthened SAA’s understanding of the alumni-Stanford relationship.

Community Survey

Designed in collaboration with the alumni co-creators, the survey ran from April 26 to May 17, 2021, and had over 2,500 (!) alumni participants. View the survey results and find out what young alumni had to say.

Open Call

The question: How might SAA work together with young alumni to create alumni experiences and resources they care about? Between May 23 and June 13, 2022, 283 alumni responded—and submitted 640 creative ideas.


From 2022 to 2023, using ideas gathered from the Open Call as a starting point, SAA worked with young alumni to pilot and test new efforts. These included the Young Alumni Opportunity Fund, new approaches to the Welcome2 events, an updated websitefocused on alumni 0 to 10 years out from their time as Stanford students, updates to Recent Grad Reunion, a refreshed alumni directory, and a steady stream of new career opportunities, events, and resources.

Long-Term Efforts

We’re not done yet! Think of Stanford 10 as just the beginning in the journey to reimagine the young alumni experience. SAA will continue to work with young alumni volunteers to iterate on the Stanford 10 pilots and experiment with new ideas. Have suggestions or thoughts to share? Want to raise your hand to volunteer?