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Stanford 10Open Call for Ideas is Coming Soon

Stanford 10

How Does Stanford 10 Work?

The Stanford 10 community survey wasn’t the typical one-and-done survey that you send off into the great mysterious nothingness, never to be mentioned again. While the survey was one step in the Stanford 10 project, it’s part of a robust plan of action that includes...

  • Selection of 11 alumni project co-creators ✔

  • In-depth alumni interviews ✔

  • Community survey ✔

  • Open call for ideas  (we’re here!)

  • Pilot projects and updates to existing alumni programs

  • Long-term efforts

Chart showing the steps Stanford 10 took

What’s Done

Selection of Alumni Co-Creators

Our first step was to team up with 11 alumni volunteers. These project co-creators conducted the majority of the alumni interviews and have been giving us feedback and vetting every phase of the project plan.

Alumni Interviews

The alumni co-creators conducted in-depth interviews with over 35 of your fellow 10-year alums. This process reframed and strengthened our understanding of the alumni-Stanford relationship.

Community Survey

Designed in collaboration with alumni co-creators, the survey ran April 26–May 17, 2021 and had over 2,500 alumni participants. View the survey results and find out what your classmates had to say.

What's Next

Pilot Projects

The team of alumni volunteers will be working with SAA to pilot a few programs. These programs will stem directly from the feedback we receive from alums from the classes of ’11–’21.