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The top stories that got us thinking this month.

Educating Active Citizens

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from STANFORD magazine

Stanford president Marc Tessier-Lavigne talks about the new school year as first-year students begin their Stanford careers with a focus on civic responsibility.

Profile of Toomer

Meet Lauren Toomer

Honoring the human body through art.

All About Alums

Spotlights, news and profiles on Stanford alumni around the world.

On His Terms

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from STANFORD magazine

Stephen Breyer, ’59, reflects on his 50 years on the Supreme Court as he sits down with journalist Pete Williams, ’74, to discuss the history of the Court, public perceptions of it, and its members’ varying approaches to deciding cases.

The Plot Twist

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from STANFORD magazine

Sylvia L. Jones, ’93, at age 44 and “with everything to lose,” decided to pursue a career as a Hollywood TV writer, a role she first envisioned for herself in the early 1990s, in the Ujamaa TV lounge.