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Student Alumni CouncilInspiring Stanford Pride

The SAC works to inspire Stanford pride in undergraduate students by fostering lifelong emotional and intellectual connections.

Student Alumni Council

Meet Our SAC Members (2023–24)

Anna Aitken, ’24

Hometown: Vancouver, BC Canada

The best thing about the Stanford Alumni network is how much everyone loves this community and is excited to give back to it. Everyone is so willing to help and discuss things with me.

Gabriel Ajaebgu, ’27

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Authenticity in your interactions is paramount. This authenticity demands a certain level of vulnerability and trust, which undoubtedly takes time to cultivate, yet serves as the cornerstone of any thriving community.

Devan Bhumralkar, ’25

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

READ YOUR EMAIL: it may seem like a lot, but you never know what amazing opportunities you might stumble upon.

Gheed El Bizri, ’25

Hometown: Beyrouth, Lebanon

Don’t interrupt people when they are sharing their stories. Practice active listening because you’ll always end up learning something new, about them, yourself, or the world.

Jared Hammerstrom, ’27

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Easier to say hi then walk bye. Just because they are a stranger does not mean they should be.

Clarissa Jaime, ’24

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

"Make the time to create new memories with unexpected people and cherish their presence.

Andrea Kwon, ’25

Hometown: Alameda, CA

"Say their name when you say hi, it'll make them feel special and they might be more open to a longer conversation in the future. :)

Tina Li, ’26

Hometown: Houston, Texas

"Make mistakes with a smile! People oft won't remember what you did wrong, but they'll remember how you reacted. Laugh the small things off and live with joy!

Erick Rocha, ’25

Hometown: Salinas, CA

“Seek those who set your soul ablaze.”

Pearl Shing-Roth, ’25

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

“Lead with love.”

Monica Tavassoli, ’23

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

“Your vibe attracts your tribe; be yourself, let your personality shine, and your energy will bring the right people into your life!”

Mikayla Tillery, ’25

Hometown: Butler, Pennsylvania

“Lift as you climb.”

Hong Le Xuan (Hong) Vo, ’24

Hometown: Vietnam/ Sacramento, CA 

"Never be afraid to put yourself out there, because humans are very ... human. They are kind, empathetic, and passionate. Just like you. Take a leap of faith towards others, and the other 99 steps will work themselves out.”


Kim Bluitt, ’92

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

NaSun Cho, ’98

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA