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Connect with your Stanford Alumni community. Explore your official destination for finding alumni of Stanford.

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How to Update Your Alumni Directory Profile
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Your Alumni Community Is at Your Fingertips

The Alumni Directory is the only verified online listing of Stanford alumni. Whether you're looking to reconnect with a classmate, seek advice, discover alumni with similar interests, or find out if a company is a right fit for you, the Alumni Directory is a helpful resource for alumni and students looking to make personal and professional connections.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Network, reconnect, and reminisce from anywhere with powerful search and filters in the mobile-friendly Directory.

Community Connections

Get closer to the communities that matter to you with search fields like community affinity, interests, area of study, location, and class year.

Career Connections

Open the door for future opportunities by finding others based on industry, company, skills & specialties, job title, and availability to offer career support.

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