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Spring Alumni ProgramsSpend Spring in the Sierra

During the spring season, Stanford Sierra Camp works with partners on campus and at the Stanford Alumni Association to offer a diverse array of alumni programs.

Spring Alumni Programs

Unique Ways to Unwind

Block time on your calendar for getaways with a Stanford spin.

Healthy Living Retreat for Women

The Healthy Living Retreat is in program redevelopment, and we excited to offer a return of the program in spring 2023, when you can again treat yourself to four days of relaxation and rejuvenation alongside a team of friendly and knowledgeable Stanford and Bay Area health experts.

Memorial Day Weekend Program

Join an exclusive getaway for alumni and friends that features a faculty lecture, a student performance, a multicourse meal paired with alumni-affiliated wines, and more.

More from Stanford in the Sierra

Explore more Stanford programs that take place against the backdrop of Fallen Leaf Lake.