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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the role of a Stanford University trustee?

As a member of the Board of Trustees, a trustee shares responsibility for setting the direction of the university, ensuring Stanford's continued well-being and working to sustain its foundation of excellence.

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2. What criteria must an alumni applicant satisfy in order to become a trustee?

The successful candidate will meet all eligibility requirements and many—if not all—qualifications.

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3. What is the time commitment for a Stanford trustee?

The Board of Trustees meets five times per academic year (additional special sessions may be called). Preparation for each trustee meeting involves two to six hours of reading (materials are mailed 12 days before each meeting). Attendance at all board meetings is required.

Current trustees report spending a substantial amount of time and travel—a minimum of 20 days per year—engaged in trustee responsibilities (meetings, committee work, task forces, fundraising, preparation and university events). Trustees serve on board committees (along with students and faculty representatives) and may be asked to serve on school or departmental committees or panels. Trustees may also be asked to represent Stanford on an ad hoc basis, and they are encouraged to participate in alumni and development activities when needed.

4. How often does the alumni-nominated process occur?

The alumni process for choosing trustees repeats every two-and-a-half years.

5. Who reviews the trustee applications through this process?

Stanford's Alumni Committee on Trustee Nominations (ACTN) reviews each application. Managed by the Stanford Alumni Association, the committee consists of nine dedicated alumni volunteers acting on behalf of the university and the Board of Trustees.

6. Are current Stanford faculty, staff and students eligible to join the Board of Trustees?

No. Current faculty, staff and students are not eligible.

7. Does the university reimburse board members for travel expenses?

The expectation is that trustees pay for their expenses incurred while participating on the board. In rare cases, exceptions are made.

8. Whom should I contact with questions?

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