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Beyond the Farm

Mark Your Calendar:
May 2, 2020

Beyond the Farm Alumni Day of Service

Beyond the Farm Alumni Day of Service is an opportunity to connect with fellow Stanford alumni, friends and family while volunteering with a local community organization. Beyond the Farm seeks to bring Stanford's spirit of service to communities around the world, and we hope that these efforts will inspire ongoing volunteerism in your community.

How does it work?

As an alum, you can participate in Beyond the Farm by becoming a project leader or volunteering for an existing project. If there’s a cause or an organization you’re passionate about, we encourage you to share it with other alumni as a project leader; in this role, you’ll partner with an organization to create a one-day project. Past projects have included cleaning up beaches, serving food at homeless shelters, presenting college-readiness workshops, and hosting pet adoption fairs. You can submit your project beginning February 3. Short on time? Join an existing project—sign ups begin March 24. Get involved and give back!

The Impact of Beyond the Farm 2019

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Be a project

Identify a cause in your community and submit your project.

Be a project

Lend a hand at an alumni-led service project in your community!

Sign up 3/24