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Experience a cruise like none other and see a totally different side of the cities, towns and scenic seascapes along the way.

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Atlantic Coast of Europe

A cruise along the western coasts of France and Spain

Stop in eight coastal cities and ponder the role these ports have played in European history and development, from early Basque sailors to the naval battles of WWII.


Alaska's Inside Passage

An adventure cruise through Southeast Alaska

Discover incredible wildlife and explore remote bays, misty fjords and colossal glaciers and on a cruise that is studded with active excursions.


Galápagos Islands

Journey to Darwin’s classroom

Cruise in comfort through the diverse chain of volcanic islands getting up close to land and sea wildlife found nowhere else.


Selling fast: Galápagos Islands

With Young Explorer Program for kids ages 6+

Enjoy a family cruise through the remote island chain and encounter unique wildlife up close, including playful sea lions, giant tortoises and blue footed boobies.


Aegean Sea

With Young Explorer Program for kids ages 6+

Cruise the Greek Isles and take in the blue domes and whitewashed homes in Santorini, on a trip designed for all ages.


Baltic Sea

History and culture on a cruise through northern Europe

From Sweden to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, visit the Baltic region’s most intriguing cities and explore lesser-known traditions in its coastal villages.


Aegean Sea

A classic voyage to the Greek Isles and Turkey

Explore millennia of human history and mythology on a cruise from Athens through the islands of the Aegean Sea to the ancient city of Ephesus.


Mekong River

A cultural odyssey through Southeast Asia

Explore ancient sites, modern cities and idyllic villages in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with a four-night river cruise to experience life along the Mekong River.


Selling fast: Maluku Islands and Raja Ampat

A snorkeling and diving adventure in Indonesia

Cruise aboard the privately chartered Aqua Blu to snorkel and dive among the remote Maluku Islands off the northwest coast of New Guinea and the Raja Ampat archipelago.



For young adults (ages 18+) traveling with their families

On this program designed for families traveling with adult children, discover the grandeur of Egypt, cruise the Nile River and engage with local residents.


Dutch Waterways

A river cruise through the Netherlands

Enjoy two days in Amsterdam then seven days cruising through the Netherlands’ scenic canals taking in the idyllic countryside.



Ancient cities, archaeological sites and dramatic Cappadocia

Uncover the various layers of Turkey, from Neolithic settlements to current politics, traveling from Ankara to Istanbul by way of Ephesus and the Turkish Riviera.



A cruise through the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides

Navigate the locks and canals that cut through the Scottish Highlands and sail to the Inner Hebrides, visiting charming coastal villages and ancient castle ruins.

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