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Experience a cruise like none other and see a totally different side of the cities, towns and scenic seascapes along the way.

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Majestic architecture, sacred waters, and striking wildlife

A perfect blend of exploring and river cruising, this trip provides a window into the complex tapestry of Northern India and West Bengal. A lovely ship and temples await.



Cruise the Nile and marvel at ancient and modern Cairo

Explore Egypt’s historical and cultural riches with exclusive tours of its temples, tombs, mystifying pyramids and great cities, including sites not open to the public.


Raja Ampat

Unparalleled snorkeling and diving in Indonesia

Cruise aboard a privately chartered ship through the limestone karst dotted Raja Ampat archipelago, located off the northwest coast of New Guinea.



An expedition to the end of the Earth

Travel to South America’s southernmost region to explore towering mountain ranges, massive glacier fields, sapphire lakes and rugged coastlines.


West Africa

An exhilarating cruise from Ghana to Senegal

Gain an appreciation of and insight into the cultures and wildlife of seven spectacular West African countries as we cruise the coastline in a luxurious boutique ship.


Dutch Waterways

A river cruise through the Netherlands

Soak up Amsterdam's incredible art scene, then cruise the rivers and canals of Holland, visiting storied cities and taking in the idyllic countryside.


Danube River

Cruising a legendary European waterway

From Hungary to Slovakia, Austria and Germany, visit grand capital cities and quaint old-world villages, enjoying world-class art and music along the way.



A springtime cruise to the Land of the Rising Sun

Embark on a scenic voyage of four islands of Japan, stopping to take in sacred temples, art museums, and the rural countryside.



A cruise through the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides

Navigate the locks and canals that cut through the Scottish Highlands and sail to the Inner Hebrides, visiting charming coastal villages and ancient castle ruins.


British Isles

A cruise through the waterways of Great Britain and Ireland

A feast for the heart and mind, this trip has in-depth study, local cuisines, and lush landscapes. The Sea Cloud Spirit, our home on the sea, is a three-masted beauty.


Slovenia and Croatia

Capital cities and a cruise along the azure Adriatic

Visit Ljubljana and Zagreb before exploring the sun-drenched coast, beautifully preserved architecture, and seaside towns on a voyage from Zadar to Dubrovnik.


Galápagos Islands

With Young Explorer Program for kids ages 6+

Enjoy a family cruise through the remote island chain and encounter unique wildlife up close, including playful sea lions, giant tortoises and blue footed boobies.


Galápagos Islands

Exploring the western route by small expedition ship

Journey to Darwin’s classroom, cruising in comfort through the diverse chain of volcanic islands and getting up close to wildlife found nowhere else.


Iceland and Greenland

A cruise through the astonishing wilds of the Arctic

Experience the majesty of Arctic wildlife and culture. Travel by Zodiac through fjords, learn from local guides, and visit one of the most remote settlements on Earth.



The Amazon and Machu Picchu

Cruise the Amazon River to view endemic wildlife and travel deep into the lush Sacred Valley to behold mystical Machu Picchu.

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