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Land Journeys Collection

Take in the scenic landscapes and bustling urban centers as you make your way from city to city or across multiple countries on one of our immersive explorations.

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Southern United States

Examining the 1960s civil rights movement

Visit iconic sites in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama as we examine one of the most significant movements to shape our country’s history.


United Kingdom

A rail journey through Wales, England and Scotland

Experience a bygone era aboard vintage private trains and enjoy a two-night train journey on the luxurious Royal Scotsman.



An epic safari adventure in Africa

Take in the sights and sounds of the Serengeti, watch the great wildebeest migration and fall asleep in luxurious lodges after eventful days of wildlife spotting.



A summer expedition into the land of fire and ice

Explore the city of Reykjavík and experience the wild beauty of Iceland with visits to geothermal springs, glaciers and geysers.



An inside look at a country steeped in tradition

Discover one of the world's last surviving nomadic cultures, hear monks chanting from mountaintop monasteries and take in the vast night sky in the Gobi desert.



Savor Southern Italy from Puglia to Naples

Enjoy the superb cuisine, rugged landscapes and ancient villages of Puglia, then venture to the sun-splashed Amalfi Coast with its cliffside towns and haunting ruins.



Journey through Bordeaux and the Loire and Dordogne Valleys

Travel through bucolic countryside to see prehistoric cave art and medieval villages, sample renowned vintages, and tour grand castles and royal gardens.


Mekong River

A cultural odyssey through Southeast Asia

Explore ancient sites, modern cities and idyllic villages in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with a four-night river cruise to experience life along the Mekong River.



Explore one of the world's oldest civilizations

Immerse yourself in the deep cultural history of Iran, taking in millennia of art, ornate mosques and archaeological treasures.


Oman, Qatar and the UAE

An exploration of life and culture in the Middle East

Explore the striking mosaic of contrasts with ultra modern cities and ancient villages, sand dunes and soaring mountains, all bordered by blue skies and shimmering water.



Behind the scenes in Piemonte and the Italian Riviera

Travel to the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy and delight in farm-fresh cheeses and wines, pastel-hued villages and breathtaking mountain vistas.


Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

An introduction to Southeast Asia

Examine the region’s history and visit its royal palaces, glittering temples and jungle-ruined temples.


Saudi Arabia

Ancient crossroads in a modern land

In this desert kingdom shaped by nomadic groups, explore ornate mosques, lively markets and stunning red sand dunes.



A springtime sojourn through Japan’s alpine country

Attend the resplendent Aoi Matsuri Festival in Kyoto, see the best of Tokyo and venture off the beaten path by trolley, gondola and cable car into the Japan Alps.



Ancient cities, archaeological sites and dramatic Cappadocia

Uncover the various layers of Turkey, from Neolithic settlements to current politics, traveling from Ankara to Istanbul by way of Ephesus and the Turkish Riviera.



Explore one of the world's oldest civilizations

Immerse yourself in the deep cultural history of Iran, taking in millennia of art, ornate mosques and archaeological treasures.

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