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Visions of Germany through a historical lens

Luther. Bach. Goethe. Schiller. Explore titans of German culture through the places they lived and influenced. Carefully curated city tours will illuminate the links between the now and the then of the German people and traditions. Leipzig, our final destination, brims with the bustle of modern life and art, ending our journey on a vivid, energetic note. 

Guest lecturers at various venues will provide context and extrapolate on subjects touched on by the guides. You’ll enjoy the delights of German cuisine with a private wine tasting and lunch in Naumburg. And the stately churches that dot the region will take your breath away. This journey is for travelers looking to immerse themselves in a region chock full of the treasures of history.


September 6–16, 2025


11 days

Minimum age

18 years

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