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Stanford Associates

The university's honorary organization for alumni volunteer service, established in 1935, Stanford Associates recognizes and encourages alumni engagement through awards and grants.


Each year, Stanford Associates funds grants to campus organizations for innovative projects that engage alumni.


Stanford Associates regularly recognizes outstanding alumni volunteer service through an awards program that is overseen by the Board of Governors. Read on to learn more.

Degree of Uncommon Man/Woman
The most prestigious university award granted to alumni, this Degree is awarded only when the president of the university deems it appropriate to honor individuals with rare and extraordinary service to Stanford.
Burt McMurtry, MS ’59, PhD ’62
Deedee McMurtry
Over the course of nearly 40 years, Burt and Deedee McMurtry have provided unique and extraordinary service to Stanford. As an engineering alum and legendary Silicon Valley investor, Burt has been a volunteer and advocate not only for engineering, but also for the Graduate School of Business, the field of economics, the Hoover Institution, and graduate education in science, math, and engineering. Beginning in 2004, he chaired the university’s Board of Trustees during a period defined by the forging of new connections across every discipline on campus. Deedee has been an exemplary volunteer leader for the Cantor Arts Center for many years, serving on numerous boards and councils and personally securing several important artworks for the collection. As leaders in three university campaigns, both Deedee and Burt have been especially instrumental in a campus-wide revitalization of the arts. Together, their service and support has helped to strengthen the Cantor Arts Center, Stanford Live, and the School of Humanities and Sciences; to develop the new Bing Concert Hall, the Anderson Collection at Stanford, and the beautiful new McMurtry Building that serves as the home for the Department of Art and Art History and is a vibrant interdisciplinary hub for the arts at Stanford.
List of past recipients
John Arrillaga, '60
Anne T. Bass, MLA '07
Robert M. Bass, MBA '74
Peter S. Bing, '55
Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel, '20
George A. Ditz, 1911, JD 1913
Morris M. Doyle, '29
Paul C. Edwards, 1906
Jill Freidenrich, '63
John Freidenrich, '59, LLB '63
Jim Gaither, JD '64
John W. Gardner, '33, AM '36
May Chandler Goodan, 1914
Cecil Green
Ida M. Green
Morgan Gunst, 1906
William R. Hewlett, '34, ENG '39
Herbert Hoover, 1895
Jing Lyman
Richard W. Lyman
John P. Morgridge, MBA '57
Tashia Morgridge
Linda Randall Meier, '61
David Packard, '34, ENG '39
Lucile Salter Packard, '35
Harry B. Reynolds, 1896
Louis H. Roseberry, 1903
J. E. Wallace Sterling, PhD '38
Frederick E. Terman, '20, ENG '22
Gold Spike Award
The Gold Spike Award is the highest annual honor for volunteer service at Stanford, recognizing decades of exceptional and significant service to the university.
Jim Canales
Jim Canales, ’88, MA ’89
Jim is a visionary leader whose impact on the university is truly extraordinary. Throughout his service on the Board of Trustees, the Stanford Live Advisory Council, and the Stanford Alumni Association Board of Directors — where he served as chair — Jim demonstrated remarkable leadership and an uncanny ability to synthesize and articulate complex issues. An inspirational and eloquent champion of university issues, Jim’s insights and wise counsel continue to be of great benefit to Stanford.
Susan R. McCaw
Susan R. McCaw, ’84
Susan is an indefatigable volunteer who leads with immeasurable insight and grace. On the Board of Trustees, Susan helped advance the university’s mission during the tenure of two Stanford presidents. She is a devoted mentor and advocate for students and a preeminent supporter of international financial aid. Susan serves on the executive committee of the Hoover Institution and is a member of the Freeman Spogli Institute Advisory Council, the Knight-Hennessy Global Advisory Board and the board of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.
List of past recipients
Roy Anderson, '47, MBA '49
Vernon Anderson, '53, MBA '57
Thomas Bailard, '64, MBA '69
Rocky Barber, '73, MS '73, MBA '75
Bill Barnum, ’76, JD ’80, MBA ’80
Danily Bell, '29
Warren Berl, '42
Helen Bing
Peter Bing, '55
John Birke, MBA '65
Eugene Bishop, '31
Reid Briggs, '32
Harry Bright, '29
Alden Brown, MBA '48
Douglas Brown, '59, MBA '61
Robert Brown, '31
T. Robert Burke, '64, JD '67
Malin Burnham, '49
Royal Bush, '35, MBA '41
John Butler, '53
Mariann Byerwalter, '82
Julie Greer Campbell, '65
Kenneth Christensen, '30
Donald Clark, '56
Roger Clay, Jr., '66
Clyde Cook, 1918
Benjamin Crocker, '56, JD '58
Donald Crocker, '56, JD '58
Joseph Cusick, '51, Sloan '73
Kenneth Cuthbertson, '40, MBA '47
Ralph Davidson, '50
Richard De Luce, JD '55
Irving Deal, '50
Roberta Bowman Denning, '75, MBA '78
James Dickason, MBA '51
Sue Bricker Dorn, '55
Morris Doyle, '29
Charles Ducommun, '35
Herbert Dwight, Jr., '53, MS '59
Lewis Eaton, '42
William Edwards, '50
Charles Eldon, '48, MBA '50
W. Noel Eldred, '31, ENG '33
Leonard Ely II, '48, MBA '50
Patricia Engasser, '59, MD '62
Barbara Denning Finberg, '49
Nathan Finch, '31, LLB '34
Doris Feigenbaum Fisher, '53
Thomas Ford
C. K Poe Fratt, MBA '59
Bradford Freeman, '64
John Freidenrich, '59, LLB '63
W. Parmer Fuller III, '33
James Gaither, JD '64
Frederic Glover, '33
John Goldman, MBA '75
Kay Sprinkel Grace, '59, MA '75
Richard Guggenhime, '29
Ruth Levison Halperin, '47
Allan Harris, '45
Lawrence Harris, Jr., '32
Barbara Herrmann Hart, '59
W. W. Henry, '26
Walter Hewlett, MS '68, MS '73, DMA '80
David Heyler, Jr., '48, JD '51
George Hume, JD '75, MBA '75
Leslie Bryant Hume, MA '71, PhD '79
John Isaacs, '31
Franklin Johnson, Jr., '50
Stanley Kaisel, MA '46, PhD '49
William Kimball, Jr., '41
Marcus Krupp, '34, MD '39
Annie Huntress Lamont, '79
William Landreth, '69
Joan Lane
Melvin Lane, '44
Chien Lee, '75, MS '75, MBA '79
John Leland, Jr., '56
John Levin, MA '70, JD '73
Robert Levison, Sr., '21
Roger Lewis, '34
John Lillie, '59, MS '64, MBA '64
Frank Lodato, '49, MA '56
Lawrence Marx, Jr.
Bowen McCoy, '58
Burton McMurtry, MS '59, PhD '62
Linda Randall Meier, '61
J. D. Middleton, '25
A. A. Milligan, '38
Gretchen Hartnack Milligan, '73, MBA '75
Kendyl Monroe, '58, LLB '60
John Morgridge, MBA '57
Stuart Morshead, '50, MBA '52
Robert Moulton, Jr., '40
Nancy Barry Munger, '45
Wendy Munger, '72
R. Chandler Myers, '54, JD '58
Denise O'Leary, '79
Susan Packard Orr, '68, MBA '70
John Packard, '55, MBA '61
Templeton Peck, '29
Gregor Peterson, '54, MBA '59
Charles Pigott, '51
John Pike, '56
Frederick Rehmus, MBA '61
Claude Rosenberg, Jr., '50, MBA '52
Robert Rosenberg, '54, LLB '56
Victoria Post Sant, '61
Karl Schwarz, '55, MS '59
Mary Wineberg Scott, '66
John Scully, MBA '68
Perry Seiffert, '64
Jack Shepard, '53, MA '55, MBA '56
Leon Sloss III, '49
Ralph Spiegl, '45, MD '48
Garen Staglin, MBA '68
Noel Stearn, 1918, MA 1919
Isaac Stein, MBA '70, JD '72
Paul Stock, MBA '61
Jeffrey Stone, '78
Earle Talbot, 1902
Dorcas Hardison Thille, '53
James Triolo, '35, MA '36
Gene Walker, '28
Alan Weeden, '45
J. Fred Weintz, Jr., '48
W. Frank West, '47, MS '48
Julie Stulce Williamson, '66
Robert Williamson, Jr., '66, MBA '68
Ward Woods, '64
William Wraith III, '54, MS '58, MBA '59
John Young, MBA '58
The Stanford Medal
The Stanford Medal honors volunteer leaders with decades of distinguished volunteer service to the university.
Lloyd M. Metz, ’90
Lloyd is a driving force who has brought his passion and strategic thinking to several Stanford causes including the Board of Trustees. A committed proponent of Stanford’s communities of color, he has been pivotal in building a robust pipeline of alumni leaders, and deeply involved in spearheading new approaches to engage alumni, including the Black Alumni Summit, as well as strengthening the alumni network in New York.
Jennifer Arnold Satre, ’71
Jennifer has enriched the university community through her exceptional volunteer service for more than three decades. A distinguished public servant herself, Jennifer served on the Haas National Advisory Board where she was an advocate for Cardinal Service. Jennifer’s inspirational commitment to Stanford has also included key roles for Development, the Parents Advisory Board, the Stanford Club of Northern Nevada, as well as the Class of ’71.
Bill K. Shen, ’98
Bill has been a vital Stanford leader since his undergraduate days, bringing unparalleled dedication and energy to every volunteer opportunity. Active with reunions, fundraising campaigns, the Stanford Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, the Athletics Board, and the Stanford Associates Board of Governors, Bill is known for his keen insights, incredible commitment, influential voice, and deep sense of community.
List of past recipients
Robert H. Piestewa Ames, '51, JD '54
Victor Arias, MBA '82
Charles G. Armstrong, JD '67
Bill Barnum, Jr., '76, JD/MBA '80
Juli Oh Browne, ’91
Young J. Boozer III, '71
Kathryn Ko Chou, '85, MS '86
Michelle Clayman, MBA '79
Linda Hawes Clever, '61, MD '65
Mary B. Cranston, '70, JD '75
W. Craig Falkenhagen, '74, MS '75, MBA '89
Bernadine Chuck Fong, '66, MA '68, PhD '83
Ivan K. Fong, JD '87
Diane Fields Geocaris, '72, JD '75
Phil Halperin, '85
Elwood “Woody” Howse, '61, MBA '70
George A. Jedenoff, '40, MBA '42
Sally Pollock Lannin, '78
Goodwin Liu, '91
Gretchen Hartnack Milligan, '73, MBA '75
Woodrow A. Myers, Jr., '74, MBA '82
Angela Nomellini, '75
Susan Coleman Oberndorf, '78
Denise O'Leary, '79
Vilma Kennedy Pallette, '52
Lise A. Pfeiffer, '75
Rowland K. “Reb” Rebele, '51
Miriam Rivera, '86, AM '89, MBA '94, JD '95
Jesse T. Rogers, ’79
Beverly P. Ryder, '72
Pam Rymer, LLB '64
Phil Satre, '71
Risa Shimoda, '77
V. Joy Simmons, '74
Sandy Smith, '78
Jeffrey E. Stone, '78
Gail Aguilar Stypula, '59
Jim Ukropina, '59, MBA '61

Governors' Award
Governors’ Awards are granted annually to Stanford Associates to honor exemplary and long-standing volunteer service to the university.
Mari Latterell Baker, ’85
Peter Boutin, ’72
Chat Chatterton, ’61
Libby Ruffing Dietrich, ’88
John Driver, ’86
Kate Bunce Duhamel, ’83, MBA ’88
Rick Holmstrom, ’79
David M. Hornik, ’90
Patricia Liu McKenna, ’83
Nader Mousavi, JD ’97
Frank Ramirez, '76, MBA ’83
Christiana Smith Shi, ’81
Dana Weeks Ugwonali, ’94
Award of Merit
The Award of Merit is given annually to individuals or groups for specific, significant acts of volunteer service.
Individual recipients
Kathy Keogh Berra, ’67
Juju Chang, ’87
Harry Cheigh, ’92, MA ’93
Angela Hilton, ’92
Annette Gorholt Jaffe, ’87
Tanya Novak Kratzer, ’87
DeeDee Higgins Nuanes, ’76
John Nuanes, ’75
Barbara von Bechtolsheim, PhD ’87
Conrad von Lilien-Waldau, ’02
Tadataka “Tachi” Yamada, ’67
Maria Chow Zajac, ’92, MA ’92
Group recipients
Class of ’98 20th Reunion Co-Chairs
DeLise Cousins Bernard, ’98, MA ’99
Brad Rodrigues, ’98, MA ’98
Alice Prager Warren, ’98
Class of ’77, 40th Reunion Co-Chairs
Ellen Merrick Petrill, ’77, MS ’78
Sammy Papert, ’77
Scott Dingwell, ’77
Risa Shimoda, ’77
GSB Legacy Partners Leadership team
Andy Cowherd, MBA ’77
Lisa Irby Favaro, MBA ’83
Alison Graham, MBA ’79
Jon Holman, MBA ’68
Rick Stuckey, MBA ’67
Law School 125th Anniversary Hosts
Louis Friedman, ’83, JD ’86
Helen Lho Ryu, JD ’89
May Liang, ’85
Jim Lintott, ’86, MA ’86, JD ’89
Night at the Smithsonian African American History Museum Leaders
Michael Pickrum, '92, MS '94
Nneka Rimmer, '93
Jair Lynch, '93
Associate Designation
Stanford Associates are recognized for their significant volunteer efforts. Associates must have at least 10 years of volunteer service (active in the last five years), a record of consistent giving to the university (defined as a gift of any amount in three of the last five years), and be ratified by the Stanford Associates Board of Governors.