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Get up close and personal with wildlife or just get moving. From walking and hiking to kayaking, snorkeling, diving and rafting, it’s easy to stay active wherever we go.

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Costa Rica

Lush rain forests and outdoor adventures

Pack your swimsuits and escape the holiday madness by heading south for a thrilling getaway to explore diverse ecosystems.



An underwater adventure in Palau and Yap

Explore azure-blue waters teeming with colorful fish, snorkel with majestic manta rays and learn about the islands’ ancient and modern cultures.


Raja Ampat

Unparalleled snorkeling and diving in Indonesia

Cruise aboard a privately chartered ship through the limestone karst dotted Raja Ampat archipelago, located off the northwest coast of New Guinea.



A springtime walk through a storied land

Set out on foot past granite outcrops and through vineyards, bucolic pastures and thick woodlands to visit medieval towns, pilgrimage churches, and paleolithic rock art.



A walk through the lush Emerald Isle

Explore centuries-old castles that line the verdant hills and stroll along craggy coastlines on a walking trip through Ireland.


Kenya and Rwanda

A wildlife adventure with a conservation focus

Meet with local communities and search for iconic wildlife in the grassy plains of the Masai Mara and for endangered mountain gorillas in the lush Virunga Mountains.


Mount Kilimanjaro

Summit the roof of Africa

Realize one of the planet’s most rewarding achievements, summiting Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak on this challenging non-technical climb.



Swimming with majestic humpback whales

Off the path of cruise lines, this South Pacific archipelago of more than 170 islands is awash with marine-rich waters, dazzling coral reefs and crystal-clear lagoons.



Hike through Switzerland, Italy, and France

From Zermatt to Chamonix, hike in the shadow of the Matterhorn and on trails of the Tour de Mont Blanc, reaching alpine terrain by funicular, gondola and tram.



A scenic walk through the Italian Lake District

Stroll through verdant pastures and along mountain ridges and sail across deep, indigo lakes stopping along the way to dine on fresh, local cuisine .



A walk through the landscapes of Provençal painters

Soak up the sun-drenched countryside from Arles to Avignon and Aix, taking in stunning views from the Alpilles and walking through scrubs of citrus, lavender, and thyme.

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