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History, architecture, and natural beauty

The landscape inland from Venice is both beautiful and serene. Embark on walks through superb northern Italian hill country and discover the work of Antonio Canova, one of the greatest Neoclassical artists. We also enjoy the fresh food of the northeast: porcini and other wild mushrooms, wonderful fish and game from the mountains, and the best polenta.

Guided by walk expert Peter Watson, our route takes us to Vicenza, where we have time to wander through the enchanting town center and examine Palladio’s palaces. Traverse the countryside and marvel at the majesty of the Dolomites before our trek leads us to the dramatic Asolo hills, home of Palladio’s Villa Maser, an almost perfect combination of architecture, painting, and statuary.


May 11–22, 2025


12 days

Minimum age

18 years

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