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Choose single-city travel, and you’ll get to know the ins and outs of what makes a place—its art, history, and culture—so unique.

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An insider’s tour of English art and culture

Enjoy exclusive access to some of London's greatest museums and performing arts venues and visit historic artists’ homes and studios in the surrounding countryside.


Mexico City and Oaxaca

Politics, culture, and cuisine in Mexico

Learn and wonder on an adventure filled with opportunities to take in historical sites, lectures, sumptuous food, and breathtaking art, architecture, and archaeology.



Literary lives and inspiration in France’s City of Lights

A new installment in our popular literary series, this trip sees you exploring the old haunts of some of the most iconic voices of the Lost Generation.



The City of Lights and a lavish Parisian gala

Live your best “American in Paris” life with an incomparable week of art, history, and gastronomie. Top-tier tickets to the Bal de l’X is the cerise sur le gâteau.



A month-long retreat to Southern France

Soak up the history and culture of scenic Provence during a sabbatical where French language classes are infused with excursions, hikes, and culinary activities.



A month-long immersion into the rich world of Spain

Enjoy the life of a local during a sabbatical in sunny Andalusia. Spanish-language study and a whirlwind of excursions round out this unforgettable trip.


Santa Fe

History, art, and Indigenous culture in The City Different

Explore the country’s oldest capital, the contributions of the Indigenous population, and the later communities who found inspiration in the city’s rich atmosphere.

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