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Commemorative Pins

South Seas and New Guinea College featuring a viewing of Halley’s Comet

Liberty Bell College, commemorating the bicentennial of the signing of the U.S. Constitution

Iceland, Greenland & Hudson Bay College, featuring polar bears

South America Voyage featuring an indigenous Muscovy Duck

African Kingdoms; Travel/Study’s first private jet program

Rail Journeys: Austria Rail Excursion, East Europe College by train, Gold Spike celebration and Trans-Siberia Rail College

North Pole College

Silk Road College: from Beijing to Moscow by train

Paris Budget Seminar

Trips to Istanbul

Around the world by private jet

Delta Queen College on the Upper Mississippi River

Celebrating Travel/Study’s many cruise programs

Greece trips: Greek Islands Suitcase Seminar, Greece Expedition cruise & Family Aegean

Celebrating the Millennium

Nile College

U.S. and Stanford flags in honor of 9-11

Celebrating walking and hiking programs

Japan College

Russian Rivers cruise and Trans-Siberia by train

Carnival in Venice Seminar

Ultimate Seychelles

Mexico City Art and Architecture

Voyage of the Beagle by Private Jet