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Lessons in art, history, and culture

When we designed this itinerary more than two decades ago, we set out to showcase both the ancient and the modern; bustling cities and small, rural towns; and legendary sites as well as special locales that few tourists visit. We’ll wander the streets of Uchiko, lined with well-preserved Edo- and Meiji-era residences and merchant houses, and travel to Naoshima Island to explore its magnificent contemporary art museums.

Survey the history of Japan, from the temples of Kyoto to the somber Peace Memorial Park of Hiroshima, and marvel at its exquisite textiles, woodblocks, and ceramics. We spend a night in a traditional ryokan, where sliding papered shoji screens replace doors, and delight in traditional Japanese cuisine throughout our stay.


November 8–20, 2025


13 days

Minimum age

18 years

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