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lions playing in rain


An epic safari adventure

Ready to head back to the classroom? Attend a three-day workshop on the Stanford campus with Professor Bill Durham, ’71, and Dr. Susan Charnley, MA ’89, PhD ’94, before heading to Africa with them. Unlike other Travel/Study trips, on a Travel/Study Field Seminar we travel alongside Stanford sophomores, learning from their research and exchanging past and present tales of the Farm.

Nowhere else on earth can one spot so many species in such close proximity so easily and safely. Follow the migratory tracks of massive herds of elephants, watch the antics of playful monkeys, and view herds of zebras and gangly giraffes nibbling from acacia trees—all from the comfort of our spacious four-wheel-drive Land Rovers that guarantee a window seat.


September 7–22, 2023


16 days

Minimum age

18 years

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