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Rustic wooden board full of typical tuscan food, italian countryside


An unforgettable coastal hike

Not so very long ago, Cinque Terre was an isolated stretch of coast in the region of Liguria in northwestern Italy, made up of five small fishing villages that had little contact with each other and were cut off from the more famous Italian Riviera resorts to the north. The roads were poor or nonexistent and the hills were steep.

In recent years Cinque Terre has become a major tourist attraction known for its five picturesque villages, excellent food and wine, and the great hiking trails. While we set out on the most famous route in Cinque Terre, we also seek the less-traveled trails overlooking the sparkling Ligurian Sea. Join us and enjoy exhilarating hikes far from crowds and relax in the evenings savoring delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


April 7–14, 2024


8 days

Minimum age

18 years

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