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Lead a Project

Lead the way!

“I love Beyond the Farm because it allows me to pursue a cause in the community that I am passionate about and share it with Stanford alumni.”
- Marlayna Tuiasosopo-Gordon, ’02

Want to lead a project?

All you need is an idea, a plan and the passion to make it happen! Identify a project or share your passion for a cause and be the catalyst for making a lasting difference in your community.

SAA is here to help!

The Beyond the Farm staff at the Stanford Alumni Association will set up your project registration page and spread the word to Stanford alumni in your community.

Project leader toolbox

Leaders FAQs

How do I create a service project for Beyond the Farm?
We encourage alumni to explore the issues facing their communities and identify local volunteer organizations or nonprofit service organizations to develop a service project. If you already volunteer, ask what needs there are at your organization to create a meaningful project.
How do I submit my project for Beyond the Farm?
Submit your project here between February 7 and March 8. The Beyond the Farm staff will review your project for approval. To see a sample project description, visit:
Can changes be made to a project?
Yes. On the right-hand side of your project registration page under “Event Actions,” select “Manage Event.” Make sure you are logged in to your Stanford alumni account to see this option. Here you are able to edit the project details. If you need help, reach out to the Beyond the Farm staff at
Can I customize the photo that appears on the project registration page?
Sorry, no. All projects are required to display the official Beyond the Farm logo as their event picture. If you have a specific picture you’d like to display on the project page, our Beyond the Farm staff can help you upload a picture there.
How can I contact the volunteers that have signed up for my project?
We have created an easy to use guide — “How to Email Participants” — in the Project leader toolbox section on this page.
Can I access my project page after the project is completed?
Yes, you can! You may find past or recently completed Beyond the Farm projects by going to the Stanford Alumni Events page here: Before you start your search, be sure to select the box that says “Include Past Events.”