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Captivating Croatia

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August 16 to 26, 2019

Take a deep dive into the small, yet culturally rich, country of Croatia on a rare land-based itinerary led by Stanford English professor and Croatian native Ivan Lupic.

Water world. Make a stop at Croatia’s oldest national park at Plitvice Lakes, where a network of 16 terraced lakes creates a magical landscape of colorful waterfalls. Games of thrones. Step into perfectly preserved amphitheaters on the Istrian Peninsula and explore medieval castles and Roman fortresses, including the palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split, which still houses more than 3,000 residents within its walls. Dalmatian delights. Enjoy the sparkling waters of the Adriatic coast and cruise to Hvar Island for a day of wine and olive oil tastings. Walk the ancient city walls of seaside Dubrovnik and feast on oysters on a private island in Mali Ston Bay.




Ivan Lupic

Ivan Lupic, a native of Croatia, is a Shakespearean scholar with research interests in the European Renaissance, literature and political thought, and the cultural history of the Ragusan Republic.

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