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Kilimanjaro Trek

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July 10 to 22, 2019

Grab this opportunity to embark on one of the world’s greatest adventures and one of the most satisfying accomplishments of one’s life: trekking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and one of the world’s “Seven Summits.”

In good hands. Expert mountain guides lead us every step of the way on a nontechnical, nine-day route to the summit via the Western Approach, reaching the 19,340-foot summit in daylight. As we ascend from lower to higher elevations, we pass through the five biomes of Kilimanjaro, each with its own diverse array of flora and fauna. Learning as we keep on trekkin’. Along with faculty leader and professor of energy resources engineering Margot Gerritsen, PhD ’97, marvel at Kilimanjaro’s lush forests and the massive mountain’s unique volcanic and glacial geology. Got more time? Join us on an optional post-trek extension to Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.


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Margot Gerritsen
Energy Resources Engineering

Margot Gerritsen, PhD '97, is director of Stanford's Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering. In her research she focuses on computer simulation and mathematical analysis of engineering and natural processes.

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