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Athens to Venice

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July 20 to 29, 2019

Voyage across the cobalt waters of the Ionian, Mediterranean and Adriatic seas aboard Le Lyrial in search of ancient civilizations and exquisitely well-preserved island cities.

A pilgrimage for the ages. Marvel at the ruins of Delphi and imagine the ancient sanctuary’s marble monument and columns casting dramatic shadows over the Delphi landscape, creating an aura of celestial presence and evoking the Oracle. Venetian outreach. Gaze upon the unmistakably Venetian architecture in the cities of Hvar and Dubrovnik, surrounded by immense fortifications that helped preserve the cities’ legacies. Born to a different era. Enjoy the company of classics professor Marsh McCall, a master at bringing bygone civilizations to life through his popular onsite readings of classic works and his depth of knowledge about the ancient world.


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Marsh McCall

A true classicist, Marsh brings to life ancient literary works such as The Iliad and The Aeneid, sharing excerpts enthusiastically with us at on-site talks and animated lectures.

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