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Northern Portugal Walk

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May 8 to 20, 2019

Faculty leader Ed Steidle will show us the huge impact this tiny country had on history—from its explorations to being a global empire in the 16th century.

A walker’s paradise. Alongside local expert Peter Watson and Professor Ed Steidle, walk from unspoiled towns and villages past gorgeous granite outcrops and through vineyards, bucolic pastures and thick woodlands. (Walk level options available on several days.) Be transported. At one of the Douro region’s quintas (port wineries), we’ll open our eyes and palates to the riveting history and tasty vintages of this sweet wine—in its very birthplace. Through the ages. At Vale do Côa, marvel at its 20,000-year-old paleolithic rock art, and conclude in the modern city of Porto, a World Heritage site.




Ed Steidle
Continuing Studies

Dr. Steidle's background is in comparative literature and medieval literature, and he teaches on the arts and literatures of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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