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Galapagos Expedition

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July 10 to 19, 2019

Marvel at the unique biodiversity of each Galápagos island and explore one of the world’s only destinations where humans can venture within a few feet of wild animals in their natural habitat. Best photo ops ever!

Mysteries of the ocean revealed. From Stanford faculty leader Lauren O'Connell and expert naturalists, learn about marine ecosystems, such as the nutrient-rich Humboldt Current that attracts vast, diverse aquatic life. Underwater discoveries! Snorkel amid the islands’ incredible marine life to see marine iguanas, sea turtles, seals, penguins and sea lions up close. High-style expedition travel. Enjoy the many amenities of our intimate expedition ship, La Pinta, which is the perfect conveyance for exploring the Galápagos Islands in style and comfort.




Lauren A. O'Connell

Lauren A. O'Connell joined the Stanford faculty in 2017 and is an assistant professor in the biology department whose main research interest is how animals adapt to environmental challenges.

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