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Galapagos Family Adventure

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June 26 to July 5, 2019


Cruise among the “enchanted isles” aboard the Santa Cruz II, chartered exclusively for Stanford families and ideally suited for exploring the Galápagos chain.

Up close and personal. Embrace the magnificent ecosystem of the Galápagos sitting face to face with giant tortoises and marine iguanas onshore and snorkeling amid sea lions and spotting pods of spinner dolphins in the clear waters offshore. A rocky history. Learn about the islands’ volcanic evolution and geology from expert naturalists on daily hikes across the lava-strewn landscapes. Nature’s classroom. Adults learn about the unique Galápagos biology from our Stanford faculty leader, while kids have fun learning from their zany Young Explorer Leaders.


from $7,995 adults; $7,495 kids (ages 6–18)


Hunter Fraser

Hunter Fraser works on how changes in the DNA sequences of genomes translate into changes in observable traits.

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