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Railways of New England

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September 25 to October 3, 2018

From bustling coastal cities such as Portland, Maine, and Boston, Massachusetts, to charming mountain towns like North Conway, New Hampshire, experience the historic and modern rail culture of northern New England.

Where up is down and down is up. Locals refer to much of coastal Maine as “Down East,” while, when traveling south to Boston, one may be said to be headed “up to Boston.” As we travel on Amtrak’s Downeaster, favorite faculty duo and resident New Englanders Wanda M. Corn and Joe Corn illuminate this and many other charming quirks of daily life in the land of the original colonies. I think I can, I think I can... Ride to the 6,288-foot summit of the highest peak in the northeastern U.S. aboard the Mount Washington Cog Railway, pulled by a 19th-century steam locomotive.




Joe Corn

Joseph Corn is a senior lecturer emeritus in the Department of History at Stanford University who specializes in the history of American technology and material culture.

Wanda M. Corn
Art History

Professor Corn specializes in modern art and visual culture with a special interest in the ways artists and art movements have traveled globally.

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