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July 3 to 15, 2018

Start our magical Mongolian adventure in its capital, Ulaanbaatar, visiting the Great Khans Memorial that celebrates the 800th anniversary of the Mongolian Empire and stopping at the U.S.S.R. memorial commemorating its fallen WWII soldiers.

Hordes and hoards. With faculty leader Stephan Graham, MS ’74, PhD ’76, begin to uncover the fascinating history of this enigmatic land viewing the many treasures found at the museum in Karakorum, the Mongol Empire’s 13th-century capital. The ultimate Mongolian spectacle. Attend the centuries-old Naadam Festival with its wrestling, horse racing and archery competitions. Nomad’s land. In the Gobi Desert, view the Flaming Cliffs, one of the world’s richest dinosaur fossil sites, at dusk and kick back at the world-renowned Three Camel Lodge.




Stephan Graham
Geological Sciences

Stephan Graham, MS '74, PhD '76, teaches courses at Stanford in sedimentary geology, energy resources and policy, petroleum geology, petroleum reservoir characterization and modeling, and interpretation of reflection seismic data.

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