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Papua New Guinea Expedition

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March 14 to 30, 2012

Travel with Professor Bob Siegel, MA ’77, MD ’90, aboard the Oceanic Discoverer to visit the islands of Papua New Guinea at a time of year when we will have these waters to ourselves.

*The itinerary has been slightly altered from the brochure.  We have added the Trobriand Islands near the end of the cruise and slightly decreased the time in the Sepik River.


Fly by charter from Cairns, Australia, to Rabaul. Cruise to Kimbe Bay, one of the world’s richest coral reef systems; explore Crown Island, known for its turtle nesting grounds; and visit with local villagers and school officials as our ship travels 60 miles up the mighty Sepik River. Stop at the idyllic island of Tuam and explore the rarely visited Tufi Fjords and Dobu and Fergusson islands before cruising back through the China Strait to Cairns. Enjoy top-of-the-charts diving/snorkeling and bird watching throughout.


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Robert Siegel
Microbiology and Immunology

Robert Siegel, '76, MA '77, MD '90, has appointments in Stanford's department of microbiology and immunology, Center for African Studies and program in human biology.

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