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  • The Iran program for 2020 has been cancelled. Please contact the Travel/Study office if you have any questions.

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March 9 to 25, 2020

Follow in the footsteps of scores of Stanford travelers who have delighted in uncovering the facts about this historically and culturally rich nation and also discovering how incredibly warm and welcoming its people are.

Being there. With international legal scholar Allen Weiner, JD ’89, enjoy the opportunity to interact with everyday Iranians in the bustling squares and markets of Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan, and also the chance to observe present-day Iran firsthand. Persian treasure trove. Admire the ubiquitous, exquisitely tiled mosques found in the cities we visit, and explore the former caravan city of Yazd where the Zoroastrian religion once thrived. Once were warriors. At the colossal ruins of the ancient capital of Persepolis, be transported back to the 6th century B.C.E. when Darius the Great reigned over the Persian Achaemenid Empire.




Allen Weiner
International and Comparative Law

A scholar of international law, Allen Weiner has focused his teaching and research on security issues, international criminal law and international conflict resolution.

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