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Dutch Waterways

  • Please note that our 2020 departure has been canceled.

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April 5 to 15, 2020

Attend the world’s largest flower auction in Aalsmeer and visit Keukenhof—80 acres of more than 7 million bulbs and 800 varieties of tulips—at the peak of the blooming season.

Barge right on in. Enjoy the unique experience of plying the region’s scenic waterways, a labyrinth of locks and canals, aboard our cozy, 209-foot-long, chartered 32-passenger barge, MS Magnifique II, complete with salon, sundeck and whirlpool. Tilt at windmills. With Barbara Pitkin, delight in discovering historical treasures in Gouda, Delft and The Hague; be awed by the iconic wind-mills of Kinderdijk; and view the works of Dutch and Flemish masters at major museums. Remembering the past. Pause at Amsterdam’s Noordermarkt square, where the only mass protest in Europe by non-Jews against the deportation of Jews took place in February 1941.


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Barbara Pitkin
Religious Studies

Barbara Pitkin is a senior lecturer in religious studies at Stanford specializing in the study of Christianity, with a particular emphasis on the religious thought and culture of late medieval and early modern Europe.

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