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Meet Our Travelers

Passionate about the world? Intellectually curious about, well, everything? So are our travelers. Watch these videos to get to know a few—and see why we here at Stanford Travel/Study believe “great minds travel alike.”

"Travel is transformative for me. You really have an opportunity to come together as a group—not just the people in the community you are with, but your friends and family members."- Cindy Hunter Lang, '83
"I worked for environmental health for 35 years. When I started out I was inspecting things. You learn to look. Being a visual person relates to the way I travel. It's interesting to see how people do things differently and why they do them."- Dick Pantages, '64
"One of the problems of growing old is that you have to keep busy. If you don't keep busy you sit in front of the television all day and just germinate. That's no good. Traveling keeps you alive!"- Paul Jones, PhD '71
"I've always been interested in learning, and I've never wanted to stop learning."- Kathy Borrero Bloch, JD '81
"I just think curiosity is one of the best things to have in your bag of tricks."- Margaret Anne Cullum, '62
"I grew up high in the Karakorum Mountains. My father enjoyed being in different countries and finding out about the culture of the country. What he discovered and I discovered is that all of us are very much the same."- Lynn Mumby, '75
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Traveler testimonials

Read what travelers are saying about Travel/Study:

Stanford really takes care of you, and climbing Kilimanjaro was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jim Jackson, '82

We couldn't have done half of what we did in any other way.

Walt French and Virginia Yang '69

The program offered a good balance of superb sightseeing, cultural insight, academic input, energetic activity and relaxation.

Ronald Nelson, '50

This is the reason Stanford Travel/Study is our absolute first choice—we are so grateful for the quality of the academic element!

Anne Caple, '61

The prices may seem expensive, but when you add it all up—the experiences, the educational program and personal attention—it's worth every penny!

Bill, '65, and Gwen Shumway Wharton, '66

Stanford, uniquely, creates access to people in and out of government and to experts in a variety of disciplines.

Bill Dryden, '75

We will never try to travel solo as Stanford makes our trips such a pleasure with equally pleasurable memories.

Lucy, '62, and Charles Lamme, '63

As always, it was wonderful to be with Stanford... I often travel by myself and I know I will never feel alone on your trips.

Millicent Adams Vesper