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Faculty Leaders

Here's a unique perk you simply won't find anywhere else: a Stanford education to go. With renowned Stanford faculty and scholars leading the way, every Travel/Study trip is an intellectual adventure. Click on the bios below to learn more about each scholar.

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Kevin Arrigo

Environmental Earth System Science

A biological oceanographer, Professor Arrigo's research focuses on understanding how marine ecosystems operate and how they respond to environmental disturbances.

Fabio Barry

Art and Art History

Fabio Barry was born in London to an Italo-Irish family. He came to his field by multiple routes, first as a budding painter and classicist, then as an architect and lastly as an art historian.

Scott Burns

Portland State University

A professor of geology and botany, Scott, '69, MS '70, is a born teacher. His enthusiasm and exuberance are contagious and his interest in teaching about the terroir and geology of wine-producing regions is apparent.

James Campbell


Professor Campbell's current research focuses on questions of historical memory, exploring the stories that societies tell about themselves as well as the stories they choose not to tell.

William M. Chace


William M. Chace is an emeritus professor of English at Stanford and President Emeritus at Emory and Wesleyan universities. He has authored several books and taught courses on British writers and poets.

Joe Corn


Joseph Corn is a senior lecturer emeritus in the Department of History at Stanford University who specializes in the history of American technology and material culture.

Wanda M. Corn

Art History

Professor Corn specializes in modern art and visual culture with a special interest in the ways artists and art movements have traveled globally.

Martha Crenshaw

Political Science

Martha Crenshaw is a senior fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation and at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

Roberto D'Alimonte

University of Florence, Italy

Dr. D'Alimonte, professor of political science and noted Italian political journalist, brings his unique understanding of modern Italian and European politics to his lectures.

Larry Diamond

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

As a scholar of democracy, development and the rule of law, Larry focuses on the current political scene in the countries we visit and the issues and challenges they face.

Tim Duane

Environmental Studies, UC-Santa Cruz

Tim Duane, '82, MS '83, PhD '89, is a professor of environmental studies and an attorney with more than three decades of professional experience in the fields of energy, climate, land use, natural resources and environmental policy.

Robert Dunbar

Earth Systems Science

Rob is interested in global climate change and how we translate scientific knowledge into better policies and practices to promote the sustainable use of the Earth.

William Durham

Anthropological Sciences

An enthusiastic and innovative educator, Bill's stimulating lectures will touch on ecology, evolution and the interactions of genetic and cultural change in human populations.

Karl Eikenberry

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

Karl Eikenberry, MA '94, who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan from 2009 to 2011, specializes in security and foreign policy issues related to the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and in the study of civil wars and insurgencies.

Thomas Fingar

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

Professor Fingar began his career as a China specialist, but after fifteen years of government positions, has developed a global portfolio, having been exposed to all countries and regions in his work.

Hunter Fraser


Hunter Fraser works on how changes in the DNA sequences of genomes translate into changes in observable traits.

David Freyberg

Civil and Environmental Engineering

A hydrologist and water resources specialist at Stanford, David L. Freyberg, MS '77, PhD '81, delights in looking at the intersection of water, culture and society.

Barbara H. Fried

Law School

Barbara Fried teaches Stanford Law School's Legal Studies Workshop, as well as courses on contracts, modern American legal thought and tax, and advanced seminars in law and moral and political theory.

Margot Gerritsen

Energy Resources Engineering

Margot Gerritsen, PhD '97, is director of Stanford's Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering. In her research she focuses on computer simulation and mathematical analysis of engineering and natural processes.

Showing 1 - 20 of 76

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