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Faculty Leaders

Robert Dunbar

Rob Dunbar’s research interests span glaciology, oceanography, ecology and climate change. He heads a research group that works on past and present changes in the oceans and polar regions as well as impacts on marine organisms. Dunbar teaches field classes and conducts research focusing on coral reefs, large lakes and the intersection of the human enterprise with nature in mountain belts and coastal zones around the globe. In 2016, he was awarded an international lifetime achievement medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research. He engages in interdisciplinary studies of global change in collaboration with environmental scientists, economists, lawyers and policy specialists and is currently working in support of the UN Foundation, The Small Island and Developing States, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Professor Dunbar has led more than 20 Travel/Study programs.

"Rob proved an incredible force for curiosity and inquiry throughout the trip. I loved his impromptu discussions of our geological landscapes day to day, and with great excitement signed up for nearly every daily activity with him."

Emma Fowler, '18, Arctic Expedition, 2017


  • William Keck Professor of Earth Science, Stanford University
  • Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment
  • J. Frederick and Elisabeth B. Weintz University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, Stanford University
  • Victoria P. and Roger W. Sant Director, Earth Systems Program, Stanford University
  • President, Archaeological Institute of America's Stanford Society since 1995
Academic History:

  • BS, 1975, Geology, University of Texas, Austin
  • PhD, 1981, Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC-San Diego

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