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Meet the Team

For our Travel/Study tour leaders, home is where the heart is. Where is that, exactly? All over the world. Meet the team and travel 'home' with us:

Our Director

Brett S. Thompson, '83
Travel/Study's fearless leader has been creating extraordinary travel experiences all over the globe for more than 20 years. With seven hometowns, six continents and 105 countries under his belt, this Stanford grad's passion for world travel has only one rival: his love of warm climes.

And the faces of Travel/Study

Ana-Catrina Buchser, '00, MA '01
Hailing from Romania, Ana-Catrina was born into a family of artists who believed traveling is just as educational as going to a university. So she did both! After exploring Europe throughout her childhood, she ended up at Stanford for her undergraduate and graduate degrees, and now continues to explore the world with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not planning trips, Ana-Catrina directs plays in theaters all over the Bay Area and sings with Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale.
Susan Bush
Born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County, Susan was bitten hard by the travel bug while studying at UC-Berkeley. A semester abroad in Granada, Spain, and an unforgettable summer backpacking in Europe sparked a desire to see the world and to learn first-hand about other cultures. Over the years, Susan has traveled to five continents and one day hopes to set foot on South America and Antarctica. A passionate trail runner who has completed 30 ultramarathons, including two 100-mile races, Susan loves to play in the Great Outdoors. (And, shhh? this Cal Bear loves all things Stanford!)
Emily Casperson
Ever the explorer, Emily spent the summers of her childhood at the lakes in northern Minnesota searching for blue herons and beavers. After a high school trip to the Soviet Union inspired Emily to become a scholar of Russian culture and language, even the Land of 10,000 Lakes couldn't contain her. For the past ten years, she has journeyed with Stanford travelers to every continent in search of knowledge and adventure.
Kara Cronk
As a child, Kara crisscrossed the country with her family, traveling to more National Parks than she can name and exploring every state save two. (We're betting all those road trips are what made even-keeled Kara such a great listener.) While this foodie loves immersing herself in the cuisine and culture of far-flung places, there's nothing that Kara enjoys more than the journey itself—and bonding with Stanford travelers along the way.
Joelle Derham
This adventure seeker’s Bay Area roots run deep — born at Stanford, raised in Mountain View, Menlo Park and San Jose, and educated at Palo Alto University. Luckily for us, after almost two decades in other departments at Stanford, Joelle made her way to Travel/Study, where she is delighted to combine her love of travel and the outdoors with helping others. When not attending pretend tea parties or dancing in the kitchen with her two young daughters, she might be found satisfying her photography bug, river rafting or enjoying a Lake Tahoe getaway. Joelle’s life is wild and busy and wonderful – and she would have it no other way.
Christie Goeller
Everyone likes Christie! At Stanford since 2001, this delightful UC-Santa Barbara grad and athlete—who ran on both the Gaucho track & field and cross-country teams—is a consummate learner and intrepid traveler. She has explored Russia, Egypt and Peru on her own and has led Travel/Study trips to South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland, Galapagos and New Zealand. Ask her the best part of managing a Travel/Study trip and she’ll be quick to tell you: the faculty and travelers, of course. (See why we like her?) In her spare time, this Bay Area native enjoys reading, watching foreign films, volunteering and hiking Bay Area trails.
Lisa Hepps, '91
Bollywood, look out! Lisa isn't just an experienced tour guide and educator with more than 60 countries, five languages and a Stanford degree under her dupatta—she's an expert in the traditional folk dances of Punjab, India. When she's not performing with her dance company or on the move discovering delicacies in hidden corners of the world, this Oakland native finds her rhythm at home with her husband and two cats, Pelé and Koshka.
Elizabeth Player Jones
The daughter of two Stanford alumni, Elizabeth was born on campus and has called the Farm home ever since. Her home-away-from-home? Planes, trains and automobiles. Of the exclusive, chartered variety, that is. Extensive experience managing luxury travel makes Elizabeth the perfect person to have around when comfort is key—every day and everywhere Travel/Study goes.
Leslie Kim, '98
Three of Leslie's obsessions: great food, scuba diving and fireworks (what can we say, she comes from a family of pyrotechnicians). As a Stanford undergrad, Leslie spent time overseas with the Stanford-in-Oxford program and backpacked around Europe. If you find yourself in a faraway land with her, stay close. She has a knack for discovering little-known gems in the unlikeliest of places.
Nancy Kraemer
Now here's a riddle: What do the Chicago Bears, 19th century American history, rugby and Rhodesian ridgebacks have in common? You guessed it: Nancy Kraemer. She loves 'em all. Her life loves can't be boxed in—and with 32 countries and six continents under her belt, it's safe to say Nancy can't be pinned down either. She's at her happiest when learning and doing things she's never done before. Though there is one thing she'll never be caught doing again: driving stick shift in San Francisco.
Anne Leicher
Born into a family full of Stanford alumni, this Bay Area native got her first taste of Travel/Study as a traveler. After backpacking, mountain climbing and dancing her way across the U.S. and abroad, Anne took on her biggest challenge yet: leading wilderness adventure trips for teens. In addition to her formidable teen-wrangling talents, Anne has an eye for photography and an ear for the Spanish language.
Libby Ordoñez
What does this friendly Menlo Park native and film major from San Francisco State University love the most...besides dogs, hiking, cooking, classic films and music (we’re talking everything from The Beatles to Duran Duran)? Helping others, of course! And boy aren’t we glad to have Libby on our team, where she happily assists Stanford travelers both over the phone and on the road. She’s already explored Europe and Peru and can’t wait to go on new adventures with Travel/Study. Oh, the places Libby will go!
Maribeth Rohman
A lover of history, culture and art, Maribeth has spent much of her life wandering in and about museums everywhere from Palo Alto to Florence. Curious what hidden collections might be found in the back rooms of Stanford's famed museums? Maribeth knows. Want an art tour of Europe--in English or Italian? Maribeth knows. From painting and photography to designing and cake decorating, Maribeth knows it all.
Karen Schletz
Just before Karen set off for college, her dad said: Don't be afraid to take risks. And so, this swimming, running, cycling, rock climbing and hiking enthusiast took his advice. Exuding positive energy from every pore, Karen leads many of our most adventurous adventures, getting up close and personal with wildlife wherever she goes.
Laura Slaughter
If you ask Laura what her time studying abroad in Thailand and Vietnam was like, she'll most certainly say: Life changing. This former Cal Poly lacrosse player launched her career at an NGO in Cambodia and now leads Travel/Study trips around the globe. When she isn't traveling, you'll find her biking the hills of San Francisco.
Anna-Alycia Tucker, '13
She may be fresh off the Farm, but this '13 grad is certainly not new to traveling the world. Anna-Alycia spent her formative years in Venezuela and exploring her roots in Haiti. As a Stanford student, she jetted off to Brazil to learn and eat learn and eat (on repeat). Trying new foods and exploring new cultures is simply first nature. Coming in a close second: crafting, reading and cooking.
Kay C. Williams, P'88
This proud grandmother of four grew up in Palo Alto, married a Stanford grad and sent her daughter off to the Farm. Passionate about education, Kay holds a teaching credential in English and German and has donated her time and talents to educational issues in her community for more than 17 years. Whether she's traveling to Japan, Germany or Kenya, you can count on her to have a good novel or two tucked in her bag.

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