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Healthy Living Retreat for Women

May 16–19, 2019

Get away to spectacular Fallen Leaf Lake, May 16–19, 2019, for a restorative weekend with Stanford University and Bay Area health experts. Learn the latest scientific information on women’s wellness at workshops and lectures, head outdoors for a hike or sail, or simply relax with a glass of wine. Presented by the Stanford Health Improvement Program at the Stanford University School of Medicine.


Be Better than Busy: Discover and DO Your Purpose

Presented by Linda Hawes Clever, ’61, MD ’65, MACP

We’ll start our weekend’s expedition by exploring the purpose of having a purpose. We’ll discuss over-packed schedules, success, passion, meaning and joy; we’ll consider the equipment we need on this adventure to identify and crystallize possibilities; and we’ll discover steps to building energy and making transitions. We’ll also identify our own barriers and boosters to making and maintaining advances. Above all, we’ll find strength in ourselves and each other as we listen, tell stories, share ideas, examine options, make commitments and move ahead. We know the value of dreams—and this morning, we will start to go beyond dreams toward joy.

Drug Dealer, MD

Presented by Anna Lembke, MD ’95

We are in the worst opioid epidemic in U.S. history, due in large part to the overprescription of opioids to treat pain. Overdose deaths involving prescription opioids were five times higher in 2016 than in 1999. How did we get here? Why are opioid-overdose deaths continuing to rise, despite heightened awareness and public health interventions? What needs to happen to target this crisis? We combine national data, cultural anthropology and neuroscience to find the answer.

Approaches to Prevention and Treatment of Allergies for Healthy Living

Presented by Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD

Explore how you can live a healthier life with allergy and asthma by changing your behaviors, how allergy and asthma affect all dimensions of life across age groups, and how global climate change is associated with the rise of allergies and asthma. We’ll conclude by discussing how the innovative and novel approaches taken towards diagnosis and treatment have evolved and expanded therapeutic options.


Workshops are offered twice concurrently, so participants choose two of the five to attend.

A Joyful World Beat Dance Class for Every Body with Live Music

Presented by Deanna Anderson, BFA

This workshop will leave you creatively stimulated, physically and mentally refreshed, and culturally enriched. Explore the provocative and expressive dance steps inspired from the cultures of the Caribbean, Cuba, Spain, India, Africa and Brazil, as you enjoy an integrative workout that includes beginning dance techniques for developing a strong, graceful body. There will also be a creative exercise using movement to explore an aspect of your life purpose.

The Cycles of Seven within the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone

Presented by Melinda Choy, MS, LAc

In this workshop, we’ll explore the traditional Chinese medicine concept of female evolution in seven-year cycles and how to honor our bodies and wisdom through the archetypal lens of the maiden, the mother and the crone. We will then reflect together on the different phases and create a framework to celebrate your legacy and life purpose.

Fact versus Fiction: Musculoskeletal Health through the Ages

Presented by Kate Deisseroth, ’92

How do we to keep our bones and joints healthy? What is hype and what is truth, and how does this change as we age? What is specific to women’s health? Dive into the answers in this thought-provoking workshop.

Culinary Medicine: Blending the Science of Medicine and the Art of Cooking

Presented by Michelle Hauser, MS ’17, MD

Delicious, healthy food is not an oxymoron! Join physician-chef and nutrition expert Michelle Hauser to learn how to make what you eat every day delicious—while also promoting good health and longevity. Cooking demonstration and tasting included.

Strengthening Your Roots with Decision and Conflict Tools

Presented by Sonoo Thadaney-Israni, MBA

How often do the winds of stress from conflict and decision-making rattle you? Join us in a workshop to learn decision-making and conflict coaching skills that strengthen your roots and help you find purpose and joy. You’ll find that making healthier choices comes from the clarity of your values to create strong, thoughtful and meaningful journeys.

Fitness testing and departure workshop

Fitness and body composition screening

Presented by Julie Anderson, MPH

A health and fitness coach will lead you through this one-on-one testing in a supportive, encouraging environment. At the end, you will review results with your fitness coach and create a plan to make behavior changes to meet your goals. If you have prior assessment results, you will have the chance to compare current and past results.

Taking Your Action Plan Home: Finding Purpose and Joy

Presented by Joyce Hanna, ’56, MA ’58, MS

The dynamic duo of Joyce and Linda will present the comments you have shared during our rich and varied weekend. These reports will show your and others’ thinking, reactions and ideas, and you will be able to reflect on the processes and outcomes of finding purpose and joy. You may ask yourself, “What do I need to let go of?” “What could I be like next year?” and “What might stop me; what might help me move?” You may well start to firm up what you want to take away from the weekend and incorporate into your life. We’ll talk about how to make this happen with the science of behavior change.

Movement classes

Hula Movement Class

Presented by Dominique Del Chiaro

Hula is an integrated dance of poetry, rhythm and movement that uses the dancer's body for storytelling. Hula helps trim the waistline, strengthen the back and improve strength, flexibility and balance. Join us in this flowing, low-impact form of dance that is easy to learn and enjoy from the first step. Please bring water, a skirt or sarong, and your Aloha spirit!


Presented by Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer's Pilates class focuses on the basics and how to get the most out of each exercise in the safest way possible. Beginners and advanced participants are sure to get a great workout. Appropriate for any skill level.

Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga

Presented by Jennifer Robinson

Begin your morning with Vinyasa, a style of yoga where asanas (postures) are linked with breath, creating beautiful movement and flow from one posture to the next. The postures promote alignment, flexibility, strength and endurance. An active breath meditation will complete the class.


Presented by Deanna Anderson, BFA

Gentle TanShiva Yoga™, an original movement form created by Deanna, is based on the curving, spiraling and undulating patterns that form the evolutionary foundation for all human movement. You will move through a sequence of gentle movements and elegant postures that are designed to build deep support and encourage ease of movement. Deanna adds the element of touch as a teaching tool, which enables her to be more responsive to individual needs and limitations. Appropriate for any skill level.

Morning Meditation

Presented by Katie Sutherland, MA ’96

Wake up with the sun and begin your day in stillness, allowing your body and mind to ease gently into the day ahead. This mindfulness meditation practice will begin with 5-10 minutes of instruction followed by a 20-minute silent “sit” on a chair or on the ground. Dress warm and comfortably. Appropriate for any skill level; please feel free to come for any or all of this restorative practice.

Early Wednesday arrival

Discover the Hero Within

Presented by Dominique Del Chiaro

The “Hero’s Journey,” popularized by Joseph Campbell, describes the existential process we all go through as we live and adjust to changes in our world and ourselves. In this dynamic workshop, you will explore the power of mindset and perspective through engaging narratives and discussions, personal reflection, storytelling and a creative activity. Gain the tools and support needed for personal transformation, and discover the hero within.

Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson, MPH, is a health promotion manager at Stanford HIP and associate director of Stanford’s Living Strong Living Well program. She also manages the BeWell Wellness Profile program and has worked at Stanford for over 25 years, where she enjoys helping faculty and staff members make healthy behavior changes through advising and coaching. Julie enjoys trail running, strength training, yoga, hiking and trailer camping with her husband and seven-year-old daughter.

Deanna Anderson

Deanna Anderson is a registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) and Educator (RSME) with a BFA in dance and over 30 years’ experience in movement health, dance and physical theater. Denna studied dance and culture at Escuela De Arte in Havana, Cuba, and performed with Brazilian dance masters Lais and Clyde Morgan and with Duende Flamenco Dance Company in Chicago. Deanna has received numerous grants for delivering educational and performance projects to diverse populations through the nonprofit StoryTeller Project. Deanna currently teaches a variety of healthy movement classes through HIP and is committed to helping people open to the mystery and miracle of their bodies.

Melinda Choy

Melinda Choy, LAc, MTCM, CEO of Elevate Wellness & Acupuncture Center, PC, is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and CEO of Elevate Wellness & Acupuncture Center in South Lake Tahoe. Born to an immigrant family from China, Melinda is a San Francisco native. Her passion in the holistic medicine field was inspired from a family tragedy that impacted her view of the allopathic medicine field, and she has now been a practitioner for over 12 years with a passion for bringing natural medicine, health and healing to communities. She shares her vision in her development of Elevate Wellness Center, a multidisciplinary holistic family medicine center where the community can access the talent of various holistic health providers ranging from midwifery to neuromuscular therapy. Melinda is excited to be involved in the ever-evolving system of health care and medicine.

Linda Hawes Clever

Linda Hawes Clever, ’61, MD ’65, MACP, is founding president of RENEW, a not-for-profit aimed at helping people maintain (and regain) enthusiasm, effectiveness and purpose. Previously holding the position of associate dean at the Stanford School of Medicine, she currently serves on the clinical faculties at Stanford and UCSF Schools of Medicine. Dr. Clever received undergraduate and medical degrees from Stanford University and had several years of medical residency and fellowships at Stanford and UCSF in internal medicine, infectious diseases, community medicine and occupational medicine. She is the author of The Fatigue Prescription: Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health and Life. Her husband, Jamie, is also an internist, as is their daughter Sarah. Dr. Clever is a dedicated walker and enjoys good company, good conversation and good cookies.

Dr. Kate Deisseroth

Dr. Kate Deisseroth, ’92, graduated from Stanford with a degree in mechanical engineering and attended medical school at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. For 10 years, she has been a practicing orthopedic surgeon at the U.S. Air Force in Anchorage, Alaska, and the VA medical system in Lebanon, Philadelphia. She has been an advocate for musculoskeletal health for her fellow surgeons and soldiers and also an advocate and mentor for women in this underrepresented surgical subspecialty. She is a single mother by choice to twin 8-year-old boys and loves staying healthy and fit and enjoying the outdoors.

Dominique Del Chiaro

Dominique Del Chiaro, Me.D., is the program manager for HIP Healthy Living, a seasoned educator, a transpersonal life coach, a dance and fitness instructor and a mentor teacher. She is an avid meditator and has facilitated wellness courses for over 25 years. She is a PhD candidate in integral and personal psychology, specializing in the “Hero’s Journey” and rites of passage.

Joyce Hanna

Joyce Hanna, ’56, MA ’58, MS, is a health educator, exercise physiologist, nutritionist and director of the Healthy Living Retreat. At Stanford, she is the associate director of the Health Improvement Program (HIP) at the Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC). She has graduate degrees in education, exercise physiology and nutrition, and she delivers seminars focusing on behavior change, healthy aging, exercise physiology, nutrition and weight management. Joyce is the founder and director of Stanford Living Strong Living Well, a strength and exercise program for cancer patients and survivors, and currently serves on the board of Bay Area Cancer Connections. Joyce enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband and six grandchildren.

Michelle Hauser

Michelle Hauser, MD, MS ’17, MPP, FACLM, is board certified in internal medicine and completed medical school and an internal medicine residency at Harvard. She received a master’s in public policy and administration from Harvard and a master’s in epidemiology and clinical research at Stanford. Dr. Hauser is also a certified chef via Le Cordon Bleu, and she currently teaches medical students nutrition, culinary medicine and lifestyle medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She practices primary care-internal medicine for the County of San Mateo at Fair Oaks Health Center and obesity medicine at the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Her research, clinical and community projects blend her training in medicine, public policy, nutrition, epidemiology and culinary arts to focus on improving education and access to delicious, healthy food for medical professionals, patients and the general public. Her research has been published in top medical and nutrition journals, and she has been interviewed about cooking and health by media organizations such as the New York Times, Bloomberg News, CNN and more.

Anna Lembke

Anna Lembke, MD ’95, is an associate professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She is medical director of Stanford Addiction Medicine, program director for the Stanford Addiction Medicine Fellowship, chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic, and a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Lembke received her bachelor’s in humanities from Yale University and completed her medical schooling, a residency in psychiatry and fellowship in mood disorders at Stanford University. In addition to holding various leadership and mentorship positions over the years, Dr. Lembke has developed multiple teaching programs on drug misuse and addiction therapy. In 2015, she received the Stanford Chairman’s Award for Clinical Innovation and the Stanford Departmental Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Kari Nadeau

Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, is the Naddisy Foundation Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University. She is also section chief in asthma and allergy at the Stanford School of Medicine, and for over 30 years, she has devoted herself to understanding how environmental and genetic factors affect the risk of developing allergies and asthma, and the molecular mechanisms underlying asthma and its severity. She leads a diverse team of specialists, in disciplines ranging from immunology to chemical engineering, that was among the first to show that high-dimensional immunophenotyping of T cells involved in allergy and asthma could be used in therapies for patients. Dr. Nadeau received her MD and PhD from Harvard Medical School. She completed a residency in pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital and a clinical fellowship in asthma and immunology.

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson, PhD, is the program manager for Christopher Gardner’s Nutrition Studies Group and the administrative director for the community health and prevention research master’s program, both of which reside within the Stanford Prevention Research Center. She received her PhD in nutrition from UC Davis and has been working in the field of health and wellness for over 20 years. She is a certified Pilates and yoga instructor, and in her personal time, you will find her in a yoga class, hiking, or spending time with her young daughter and husband.

Katie Sutherland

Katie Sutherland, MA ’96, instructor and wellness outreach specialist at Apple, Inc., earned her master’s in health psychology education from Stanford University before working at the Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC) with a focus on integrative medicine. During that time, Katie began practicing mindfulness meditation and teaching tai chi. She has since worked with both HIP and Apple Wellness, providing health education and mindfulness instruction. Katie is passionate about teaching what she practices and is excited to be back at Sierra Camp for her seventh year.


Sonoo Thadaney-Israni, MBA, is the co-founder and executive director of the Stanford Presence Center with faculty founding director Dr. Abraham Verghese. She has been an internal entrepreneur at Stanford, working with faculty to launch the new master’s of science in community health and prevention research, Stanford WSDM (Women and Sex Differences in Medicine) Center, Diversity and First-Gen Office, Restorative Justice Pilot and more. Sonoo also teaches coursework on leveraging conflict for constructive change, leadership skills and mediation. Her formal education includes an MBA, a bachelor’s in psychology with minors in sociology and education, and a post-baccalaureate in mass communications. She is a trained mediator and restorative justice practitioner for the state of California, serving as the co-chair of the Commission on Juvenile Delinquency and Prevention for San Mateo County.

Details and rates

The Healthy Living Retreat for Women is affiliated with the the Stanford Health Improvement Program and the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA). While applications are accepted from all interested parties, Stanford alumnae receive priority, and all applications are ranked by postmark. If you are sharing a lodging unit with non-alumnae family members and friends, one alumna in a lodging unit gives the entire group priority reservation status. SAA members receive a $100 discount.

SAA member rate*


Non-member rate


*If you would like to become a member, please visit the membership page.
Please note that rates do not include taxes on lodging and meals.

The retreat package (5/16-5/19/19) includes the following:

  • Three nights' lodging in a private bedroom with shared bath

  • Healthy meals from our chef's inspired and delicious repertoire

  • On-site recreation

  • Lectures and workshops

  • Daily movement and relaxation sessions

  • Body composition screening and fitness testing

  • Program binder with lecture and workshop materials

  • Specially designed Healthy Living Retreat gift

If you wish to arrive early on Wednesday, May 15, please add $233 to the rates listed above. This optional pre-retreat fee covers lodging, three meals, the Thursday morning workshop and access to recreational facilities. This is an opportunity to acclimate and enjoy Sierra Camp before the regular program begins.


  • Simple, comfortable housing in Sierra Camp's lakefront cabins and lodge

  • Private bedroom with shared bath

  • Provided linens, towels and daily housekeeping

  • Request-based cabin assignments: attend with your favorite women by submitting a request, or leave your preference blank to have a cabin mate assigned

Getting here

Attendees can access Stanford Sierra Conference Center by car or by shuttle. Planning on driving? Get directions. Taking the shuttle instead? Get shuttle information.


Reservations require a $100 nonrefundable deposit with your reservation form. Only check payment is accepted, and checks should be made payable to "SAA Sierra Programs, LLC." Balance is due by April 12.


Payments will be refunded, less $100, only if written notice of cancellation is received before April 26; no refunds for cancellations will be made after April 26. The cancellation policy also applies to Wednesday reservations.


For reservation questions, contact us at (530) 542-5600 or For program questions, contact Morgan Marshall at