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New Alumni Address:

Would you like to have an immediately recognizable "" email address? Good news! The Stanford Alumni Association website has changed domain names from to, and we are offering matching email addresses for all Stanford alumni. You have the option to change your email address from to

New alumni email accounts will already have the address.

Making the change from .org to .edu

Click the button below to take the necessary steps to officially make the change:

After you've made the switch, we'll make sure that all email sent to your old ".org" email address is automatically forwarded to your new ".edu" address. To learn more about the change, read the FAQ.


Even if you continue to use as your email address, you must use when:

  • You are asked for your POP/IMAP username.  Note that mail sent to will deliver.
  • You log in directly via a Gmail or Google account page.  You will be redirected to the Stanford login page.
  • Additionally, you will always see in the top right corner of your Google Mail

Why is this? is the Stanford Alumni Association's primary domain and was used to set up Google. Google requires that it be used in the instances above.

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