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Getting to know Google Mail

Stanford email is now powered by Google. What you may not know is that it's easy to use and full of nifty features! Take the video tour to see—and know—more about it.

Getting started with new email features:

Set up mobile and/or desktop access
First, create a POP/IMAP password in your profile on the alumni site. Then, log into your email and enable POP/IMAP. Finally, configure your mobile or desktop email program. Learn more »

Change how you view messages
By default, Google Mail groups messages by subject rather than by date. These groupings are called "conversations." If you prefer to view all messages in chronological order, you can turn Conversation View off. Just navigate to your Settings, click on the General tab, and check the "Off" box. Learn more »

Organize your messages effectively
Instead of folders, you now have a more powerful organization tool: labels. You can assign one or more labels to a message to categorize it in multiple ways. You'll find your labels listed to the left of your mailbox. Learn more »

Store contact information
View and create email Contacts by clicking on the link located to the left of your mailbox view. You can store names, emails, addresses, birthdays and more. Learn more »

Use Google Search to find messages fast
Google Mail's advanced search capabilities can help you locate email quickly and easily—anywhere in your mailbox. Simply enter a word, phrase or date to find that needle in the haystack. Learn more »


Have questions about how your mail, contacts, or other mailbox contents were migrated? Check out the FAQ Troubleshooting section to learn more about specific issues related to the migration.

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