Photo: Nana Kofi Nti

Social psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt’s research reveals pervasive and persistent unconscious racial bias. Now law enforcement officials are working with Eberhardt to institute training that takes it into account.

  • Photo: Stanford Historical Photograph Collection

    The Mad Hatters of Stanford

    Though it began as a friendly interclass rivalry in the earliest years of the university, the Plug Ugly eventually degenerated into an annual melee that resulted in serious injuries to students. This is the story of a forgotten tradition and the events that led to its demise. 

  • Illustration: Scott Bakal

    Why We Cheat

    Breaking the rules to gain an advantage or cut a corner is an ancient practice, and as commonplace as ever. In higher education and throughout society, understanding the motivation for cheating may help deter it.

  • Photo: Chuck Painter/Stanford News Service

    When Stanford Got Its Groove

    A group of passionate students pulled off one of the most remarkable musical events in Bay Area history 50 years ago, bringing the giants of jazz to campus, one after another.