David Bernal (main); Don Feria (1, 3, 5); Shirley Pefley (2); Richard C. Ersted (4). All from stanfordphoto.com

Intercollegiate athletics are baked deep into Stanford's identity and culture. But measures aimed at professionalizing college sports could jeopardize that historic part of university life.

  • ©Henrik Kam 2014

    The Collection of a Lifetime

    Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson spent decades assembling one of the world's best private collections of postwar American art, and almost as long sharing it with Stanford students. Now, some of the paintings and sculptures that once adorned their house have a permanent home on campus.

  • A Bedtime Story

    Thanks to the research of William Dement, we know more than ever about the dangers of too little shut-eye. His contributions to science—and his wildly popular Sleep and Dreams course—have made him a giant in a field once considered irrelevant.