Photo: Art Streiber

With seasoned coaches, savvy recruiting and a "market niche" as the top school for smart jocks, Stanford wins its fifth straight Sears Cup, dominating college athletics.

  • Tim Bower

    Pecking at Crumbs

    They can translate Homer and deconstruct Derrida, but today's humanities PhDs face a dismal academic job market. Now some are seeking a life outside the academy.

  • William Duke

    While You Were Sleeping

    Dreams can mystify and entertain, terrify and inspire. But do they have any real importance? A pioneer in sleep research explains the science of slumber.

  • Photo: Janette Beckman/Outline

    The Voices of Anna Deavere Smith

    She's an uncanny mimic whose one-woman plays explore racial and social tensions. Now, this MacArthur "genius" and associate professor of drama is writing the second act of her career.

  • Chris Pyle

    How My Start-Up Failed

    It was a brilliant gimmick that sold well in Thailand. Surely it would take America by storm -- and make this Business School graduate rich. Wouldn't it?

  • Success Stories

    Fresh out of the creative writing program, a crop of first-time authors is publishing novels and getting "buckets of money." Seven Stegner fellows share their stories.