Courtesy Stanford Archives

He devoted his life to promoting smart kids and launched a study still under way at Stanford, but the gentle mentor also favored controlled human breeding. Looking back, what do we make of the early psychologist and his work?

  • Barbara Ries

    Eastside Story

    As a Stanford student, Chris Bischof tutored elementary school kids in East Palo Alto. As a graduate, he turned an empty lot and a few portable buildings into the city's first prep school.

  • Illustration by Tim Bower

    The Drinking Dilemma

    Stanford officials take an unusual -- and subtle -- approach to student alcohol consumption. Our reporter, a Stanford senior, goes inside the campus drinking culture.

  • Photo: Barbara Ries

    Poet Provocateur

    Former executive Dana Gioia wants to take poetry public. Down with Ivory Tower elites. Up with bootstrap culture.

  • Trisha Krauss

    Holding On

    Alzheimer's devastates families. But there can be surprising consolations, as the wife of a Stanford professor discovered.