The Parent Trap

Daniel Adel

Perplexed by the advice of child-rearing extremists, a young father discovers Stanford psychologist William Damon, a guru of "authoritative parenting."

  • Photo: David Gonzales

    A December to Remember

    Yes, they played (and lost) a football game, but for Stanford's Rose Bowl team, that was only part of the story. One Cardinal player shares his diary.

  • Courtesy Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

    Into the Outback

    Fresh out of Stanford, Herbert Hoover went Down Under in 1897 to scout Australia's goldfields. When he left the following yera, he was a rich man -- and a local legend

  • Photo: Antonin Kratochvil

    Taking It to the Streets

    As a law student, Cory Booker wanted to help Newark, N.J.'s inner-city residents fight for their rights. No one expected him to move into the neighborhood.