Photo: Glenn Matsumura

The Toledo Six, a half-dozen sophomores-to-be, hope to outwit Stanford's complicated housing draw and score a plum dorm assignment. They have a plan, but can they beat the house rules?

  • Photo: Peter Stember

    Why Teach?

    K-12 education continues to attract promising new teachers, including dozens each year from Stanford. Keeping them is another matter.

  • Greg Spalenka

    this dust of words

    When English professor John Felstiner stumbled upon a former student's decades-old honors thesis, he set out to renew his acquaintance with the student. What began as a casual inquiry became a monthslong search into a troubled past, with disquieting results.

  • Jim Foley

    On the Edge of Nowhere

    A writer/photographer visited the tiny Canadian town of Wallace Stegner's boyhood, looking for clues to the author's world view. He found a setting both beautiful and austere, and the rugged character that shapes Stegner's stories.

  • Photo: Barbara Ries

    The Karmic Capitalism of Chip Conley

    Starting with the Phoenix, his rock'n'roll hotel that rose from a shabby San Francisco neighborhood, this unorthodox businessman has created a stir in the hospitality industry. But his growing concern is more about people than buildings.