Edward McCain

They're tiny, dimwitted and utterly unmanaged, so how do ants accomplish so much? After two decades of deep digging, researcher Deborah Gordon may be close to understanding ants' collective intelligence and what we can learn from it.

  • Greg Spalenka

    Broken Promise

    Despite the poverty and neglect of his boyhood, one Salvadoran street child aimed high. But as a young ethnographer learned, 11-year-old Noe never had a chance.

  • Hoover Archives

    Life of the Party

    A confidante and friend to leading members of the left's intelligentsia in the 1920s, later a stalwart presence at the Hoover Institution, Ella Wolfe was usually found behind the scenes. Now, her personal papers reveal the remarkable woman few people really knew.

  • Angel Island: Breaking the Silence

    Detained at a desolate outpost in San Francisco Bay, Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century faced humiliation and despair in an America eager to keep them out. Thanks to a Stanford graduate, their stories are finally being told.

  • Glenn Matsumura

    Corps Curriculum

    Thirty-two years ago, ROTC left campus in a firestorm of antiwar sentiment. Today, the program still attracts students from the Farm, who commute to nearby campuses to participate. Are they getting enough credit?