• Glenn Matsumura


    The Far Side of the Farm

    Squirt-gun assassins. Go-naked rituals. Dorms nicknamed after aging Scottish actors. Here are 19 examples of surprising, delightful and outrageous Stanford phenomena that keep life interesting.

  • Peter Stember

    What Freshmen Need to Know

    While there is little argument about the need to teach humanities to first-year students, there is plenty of disagreement about how to do it. After five years of tweaking, the latest pedagogical approach, Introduction to the Humanities, has begun to win converts.

  • Photo: Art Streiber

    The Full Monty

    Embracing rather than lamenting Stanford’s unflinching admissions policies, men’s basketball coach Mike Montgomery has built what nobody thought was possible: a powerhouse program. Not bad for a guy who expected to be a high school P.E. teacher.