Meet five Stanford alumni who endured injuries, grueling training and personal setbacks in their quest to win a place on the U.S. Olympic team.

  • John Hersey

    It's Who You Know (Or Don't)

    The phenomenon of social networking has researchers exploring just how effective these webs are at connecting people and building communities. As it turns out, six degrees of separation is a few too many

  • Greg Clarke

    Exit Interview

    What do seniors say on their way out of the Farm? We piggybacked on a yearbook survey with our own questions about love, life and what happens next.

  • Mark Hooper


    We know we need it, but sticking to an exercise program is tough. New health research shows that with a helpful reminder from a PDA or the instant feedback from a pedometer, test subjects took steps in the right direction. Now, will it work for the rest of us?