Joel Simon

Romantic rendezvous! Wildlife encounters! Midnight adventures! A recreational destination for decades, Lagunita has been the setting for pranks, parties and plain old fun. Alumni share some
of their favorite memories from the “little lake.”

  • Photo: Andrew Cutraro

    Diplomacy 2.0

    From Hollywood stars to Iraqi street kids, Jared Cohen, ’04, may be the most well-connected person on Earth. Now he’s combining who he knows with what he knows to create a new style of international relations that is changing how the United States wins friends and influences events.

  • Photo: Toni Gauthier

    You Say Up, I Say Yesterday

    Provocative new research by psychologist Lera Boroditsky raises questions about the role language plays in shaping human thinking. Her controversial studies show that the words we use and the meanings we attach can alter our perception of the world.